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PAC521 Series

In-Wall Boxes (with and without Power Outlet Conditioner)

In-wall box accessories that integrate with Chief mounts and assists in power and low-voltage wiring as well as cable management

  • Optional high-performance in-wall box version that integrates with Chief mounts and improves the audio and video performance of flat panel displays.

      Compatible with all FUSION, THINSTALL and all other Chief wall mount products


    For Replacement Purchase: 

    PAC525 or PAC526 In-Wall Box and a PACPC1 Power Filter Surge Kit.

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PAC521 Series products

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In-Wall Box (with Power Outlet Conditioner)
In-Wall Box (without Power Outlet Conditioner)



  • Two versions: PAC521N which comes without any power outlet and PAC521P which ships with a power conditioning outlet.
  • Replaces the need for an outlet
  • Provides AC cleaning without loss of power
  • Power conditioner is invisible and recessed into the in-wall box
  • Provides an organized, recessed space for excess cables
  • Can be used with new construction or retro-fit installations
  • Installs horizontally between 16" centers or vertically on a single stud
  • Capacity for up to 4 single gang junction boxes and conduit, surge protectors and excess cables
  • Filter removes more noise than many full-sized line conditioners
  • Non-volatile spike protection with LED protection indicator can potentially absorb thousands of spikes
  • Non-current limiting design passes full power on a regular circuit
  • Picture and sound available after protection stops until a replacement can be installed
  • Rated for 2160 joules and 15 amps
  • 1800 watt maximum
  • Reduces common and differential mode noise by up to 40 dB
  • ETL Listed



Color: Black
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D): 11.5" x 7.4" x 3.8" (292 x 188 x 97mm)

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