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KRA208 Series

KONTOUR™ Extension Arm Accessory - Desk Mount Accessory

The KRA208 Extension Arm Accessory can be paired with any Kontour K1D Series Desk Mount, providing an additional 6.75" of monitor extension distance for applications where maximum extension is required.

Note: KRA208 is not for use with new enhanced Kontour products!

Note: This is a product series page. Specific products in this series are listed below.

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KRA208 Series products

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KONTOUR™ Extension Arm Accessory - Desk Mount Accessory

KONTOUR™ Extension Arm Accessory - Desk Mount Accessory



  • Adds a third link to an existing Kontour K1D arm for additional 6.75" of extension
  • Compatible with K1D100 and K1D200 Kontour Series mounts
  • Great option for sit-to-stand applications!



Color: Black, Silver
Equipment Height Range: Adds 3.32" (84.4 mm) to Height of Display
Maximum Extension: Adds 6.75" (171.5 mm) of Extension
No accessories are currently available for this series.