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AN1 Series

Integrated Interactive System

Chief's unique Integrated Interactive System for the Epson® Brightlink® Pro 1410Wi & 1420Wi combines a high performance projection surface with a precision projector mounting system. The system is bordered by one of three different finishes - a deep cherry, sleek aluminum or beautiful teak - to seamlessly fit in with the existing decor of any corporate setting.

Note: This is a product series page. Specific products in this series are listed below.

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AN1 Series products

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Integrated Interactive System (Aluminum)

Integrated Interactive System (Teak)

Integrated Interactive System (Cherry / Mahogany)


  • Superior projection screen
    • Da-Lite IDEA screen technology
      • Gain of 2.5 and a 25 degree viewing half angle
      • High performance dry erase marker surface
      • Certified by GREENGUARD Environmental Institute as a low emitting product
    • Floating board design
      • Cables route behind the board instead of inside walls
      • Height-adjustable integrated side panel stores control panel, stylus (2), and markers (3)
      • Marker tray attaches anywhere along length of the board to customize for the user
  • Fully integrated projector mounting system
    • Chief PreSet installation technology
      • Wall bracket locates the entire system on the wall for fast placement without calculations
      • Preset projector arm takes the pain out of aligning the projector image
      • Chief RSM projector mount for fine-tune image alignment
      • Valance hides projector and cabling for a clean appearance


Color: Aluminum, Teak, Cherry/Mahogany
Drywall: 5/8" or thicker
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D): 63.0" x 82.9" x 25.6" (1,600 x 2,105 x 651 mm)
Shipping Dims: 57.0" x 82.0" x 31.0" (1,448 x 2,083 x 787 mm)
Shipping Weight: 243
undefined: Screen Size: 73" x 46" (16:10 Aspect Ratio)
Weight Capacity: 25 lbs (11.3 kg)


Video Camera Shelf (AN1 Series)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an option for this product to support additional projector models?
A: This product series does not support other projector models.

Q: This product is larger than products I'm used to buying from Chief - does my standard shipping program apply?
A: There is a separate shipping and handling charge applied to this product. Inquire with your Chief representative for more details.

Q: What is the finish process used to provide the wood appearance?
A: The products are dipped using a hydrographics imaging process to create a durable simulated wood finish.

Q: Are there other finish options available?
A: The 3 finishes (aluminum, teak, cherry/mahogany) are the only available finish options. For suitably large projects, inquire with your Chief representative for additional options.