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SMART-LIFT Automated Projector Mount (For Suspended Ceiling installations, Int'l use, 230V)

The SL236 provides Extended Travel with exceptionally smooth and quiet movement and is a great option for suspended ceilings in homes and corporate offices.

  • Must order SLB interface bracket separately

  • Use Chief's MountFinder to determine which model number matches your specific projector

Note:To ensure this mount works with your equipment check the "Compatibility" tab below.

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Automated Projector Lifts


  • Two internal outlets, one is switched on 110V units
  • Fits most installation requirements, needing only 11" of clearance above the ceiling
  • Easily accommodates multiple control options
  • Extended Downward Travel up to 36" with 3 stopping positions
  • UL Listed
  • For fixed suspended installations
  • For International Use, 220V




Automated Projector Lifts


Adjustments: Roll: 2°
Pitch: 15°
Yaw: 10°
Ceiling Closure: 23.9" x 23.9" ( 607 x 607 mm)
Ceiling Opening: 11.1" x 25.5" x 28.5" (282 x 648 x 724 mm)
Certifications: CE Approved, FCC Approved, TÜV Certified, WEEE Approved
Color: White
Extension: 36.0"
Max Equip Size (H X W X D): 9.3" x 20.5" x 22.8" (235 x 521 x 578 mm)
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D): 12.3" x 25.1" x 28.3" (311 x 638 x 719 mm)
Power Requirements: 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 0.75 A
Shipping Weight: 123.00
Weight Capacity: 35 lbs (15.9 kg)

Smart Lift

Smart-Lift Accessories
Individual Control System

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the SL236 plenum rated?
A: Yes. The SL236 is in compliance with the National Electrical Code requirements outlined in NEC Article 300.22 C when installed in accordance with Chief's instructions for plenum rated installations.

Q: How do I mount my projector to the lift?
A: One SLB bracket is required to attach it to the lift. The SLB bracket is a separate part number and is used only for Chief lifts. You order the same suffix as the RPA but use an SLB prefix.

Q: How do I adjust the "show" position?
A: Simply adjust the limit switch located in the outside bottom corner of the lift with a screwdriver. Adjusts within travel range of 4" to 36".

Q: How do I service my projector?
A: Extend the lift to the service position. The center cradle removes for easy projector access without losing registration.

Q: What do I need to control the lift with AMX/Crestron type systems?
A: Provide a minimum of two dry contacts to control the unit. One dedicated for extend. One dedicated for retract. A third may be added for the service position.

Q: Can I wire more than one control device?
A: Yes, you can piggyback systems as long as you are not using latching switches.

Q: Can I control another device, such as a screen, by using the lift's low-voltage controller?
A: Yes, Chief's controller provides two dry latching contacts to control another device.

Q: What if my projector needs time to cool down before the lift closes?
A: If the projector has a 5V-30V trigger, Chief's lift can be wired to sense the trigger and extends/retracts with the ON/OFF function of the projector.

Q: Does the SL236 fit inside a 2' x 2' suspended ceiling ?
A: The SL236 is slightly larger than the 2' x 2' ceiling tile opening. Some modification of the ceiling track will be necessary to install the lift.


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